Dr. Robert Swerdlow







The Complete Teacherâ„¢Program was authored by New York University Professor Robert M. Swerdlow. Dr. Swerdlow has over 40 years of professional experience both as teacher and teacher educator (5 years as teacher in the New York City Public Schools, 4 years as a Professor of Industrial Education and Technology at Montclair State University, 3 years as education editor with McGraw Hill, and 29 years as Professor of Education at New York University). He has authored 5 major textbooks, 3 multimedia instructional programs, and several-dozen pieces of educational software. He has also managed a number of funded projects and has participated in inservice training workshops for teachers/trainers/school administrators/state and city education personnel, etc. Additionally, Dr. Swerdlow has served as an education/training consultant to agencies both here in the U.S.A. and abroad. The Complete Teacher Model has been the subject of presentations that Dr. Swerdlow has made at professional meetings/conferences held throughout the world.