Online Workshop

Improving Your Selling Skills


A primary mission of the Complete Teacher Academy is to serve as a resource for certificated staff development. To this end CTA now offers online in-service training workshops that can be taken any time and from any place! A PC, Macintosh computer or an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod touch connected to the Internet is all that is needed. Through E-mail and the World Wide Web, we can provide you, your school or school district with practical, performance-based instruction that is guaranteed to motivate and to improve the skills of both new and experienced teachers. We offer interactive, online classes for meeting the in-service training needs of teachers. Each course is designed to provide instruction in one of the seven roles that have been identified in the Complete Teacher Model. A Certificate of Accomplishment is awarded upon completion of each online workshop.

Great teachers are also successful SELLERS! They know how to motivate and excite their students. Teachers who can effectively demonstrate marketing skills appear to be some of our better teachers. Use the SELLING ROLE workshop to hone your skills relating to advertising, promotion, public relations, publicity, and sales. Like good marketers the best teachers will know their audience, plan the campaign accordingly, and then motivate their students to buy into their product, which is education!

Listing of Selling Competencies Covered:

  • WHY? Not Just Selling!
  • S.1.1 Knowing Your Customers
  • S.1.2 Recognizing Student Diversity
  • S.1.3 Identifying External Conflicts
  • S.1.4 Maintaining Relationships
  • S.1.5 Identifying Features & Benefits
  • S.1.6 Developing Marketing Skills
  • S.2.1 Legal & Ethical Advertising
  • S.2.2 Identifying Image & Message
  • S.2.3 Selecting Advertising Media
  • S.2.4 Advertising The Product
  • S.3.1 Promotional Activities
  • S.3.2 Selecting Promotional Tools
  • S.3.3 Promotional Materials
  • S.3.4 Mining Student Resources
  • S.3.5 Contacting The Media
  • S.4.1 Motivation & Behavior
  • S.4.2 Psychology of Learning
  • S.4.3 Appropriate Instruction
  • S.4.4 Strategies and Methods
  • S.4.5 Enhancing Student Learning
  • S.4.6 Using Praise & Reward
  • S.5.1 Building Trust Relationships
  • S.5.2 Developing Selling Skills
  • S.5.3 Presenting Features & Benefits
  • S.5.4 Selling Your Subject