Dr. Robert Swerdlow • Professor • New York University


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1 TECHNOLOGY: Technique - nothing more. . . What is Technology? About Human Needs and Desires. The Early Technologies. Industry in the Stone Age. The Reasoned Use of Fire. Fire Making. The Development of Agriculture. People Have Always Needed To Communicate. Technology Today. How Will We Ever Catch It? The Machine That Changed the Modern World. What is a Computer? What Do Computers and Pebbles Have In Common? When Were Computers Invented? Have Computers Changed Much Over Time? What is the Binary Code? Understanding Technology. About People. About Materials. About Tools. About Processes. About Energy. About Information. Technology + Industry = Industrial Technology. Technology Crossword Puzzle. 2 INDUSTRY: Techniques for making it. . . Comics. 3 ENTERPRISE: It all happens here. . . How and Why Industry Developed. In Praise of Our Economic System. Let's Get Our Terms Straight. Enterprises are Industry's Building Blocks. The Activities of an Enterprise. People Are Its Most Important Resource. Who Represents The Enterprise? 4 ENTREPRENEURSHIP: In business for yourself. . . Our Entrepreneurial Spirit. Entrepreneurship Today. What are Entrepreneurs Like? Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. What Skills Does an Entrepreneur Need? Planning. Getting Help. Legal Matters. Financing. Protecting. Managing. Naming the Business Enterprise. ™ ® and Logo. The Business Plan. What to Include in the Business Plan. 5 SIMULATION: Gain without pain. . . Simulation Technique 1: The Individual Approach. The Orientation Session. The Production Session. The Discussion Session. The Annual Report. Simulation Technique 2: The Committee Approach. Organizational Differences. Experiential Differences. Other Variations of the Simulation Experience. How Well Did You Do? 6 GOODS & SERVICES: Something to sell. Entrepreneurial Ideas. Improving an Existing Product. Meeting People's Service Needs. Providing Entertainment. Turning a Hobby Into a Business. Providing Repair Services. Capitalizing on Emerging Technologies. Marketing Other People's Products. Sales Careers Directly From Sears. Market Research. Questions That Market Research Can Help Answer. Consider the Competition. Selecting a Product for the Simulated Enterprise. 7 MANAGEMENT: Decisions, decisions, decisions. . . A Good Manager Will? Making Decisions. Managing Others. Successful Management. How to be a First-Class Failure as a Manager. Leadership. Individual Proprietorship. Partners hip. Corporation. What About a Franchise? Checkerboard Puzzles, Inc. Needs Your Help! 8 COMMUNICATION: Tell me more. . . How Industry Communicates. Communicating Orally. Communicating in Writing. Three Minute Time Test. Checkerboard Puzzles, Inc. Needs Your Help! 9 RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: Building a better mousetrap. . . The First Fundamental Research. Patent Protection. What Can Be Patented. Copyright Protection. What Can Be Copyrighted. Checkerboard Puzzles, Inc. Needs Your Help! 10 FINANCE: It doesn't grow on trees. . . Acquiring Money. Spending Money. Controlling Money. Playing the Market. Checkerboard Puzzles, Inc. Needs Your Help! 11 PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT: A big, big door. . . Buildings. Land. Equipment. Checkerboard Puzzles, Inc. Needs Your Help! 12 RELATIONSHIPS: Dear kid. Relationships with the Consumer. Relationships with Other Enterprises. Relationships with Government. How Government Influences the Industrial Environment. Relationships with Employees. Relationships with Labor. Checkerboard Puzzles, Inc. Needs Your Help! 13 MATERIALS: Rubber roads and concrete tires. . . Types of Materials. Characteristics of Materials. Rubber and Other Kinds of Roads. To Learn More. Checkerboard Puzzles, Inc. Needs Your Help! 14 PROCESSES: Cutting a square hole with a round drill. . . Separation of Materials. Wedge/No Chip. Wedge/With Chip. Zero Force/With Chip. Addition of Materials. Adhesion. Fusion. Mechanical. Contour Change. Casting. Extruding. Forging. Pressing. Bending. Internal Change. Thermal. Chemical. Magnetic. Shock or Pressure. There's More Than One Way to Cut a Square Hole! Checkerboard Puzzles, Inc. Needs Your Help! 15 ENERGY: A horse doesn't always get tired. . . In the Beginning. Energy. Work. Force. Simple Machines. Power. As Time Went On. The Past Hundred Years. A Horse Doesn't Always Get Tired. What are the "Other" Energy Sources? Coal. Natural Gas. Geothermal Power. Oil. Nuclear Power. Biofuels. Water Power. Solar Power. Wind Power. Ocean Power. Checkerboard Puzzles, Inc. Needs Your Help! 16 PURCHASING: The price is right, but. . . Checkerboard Puzzles, Inc. Needs Your Help! 17 PRODUCTION: They just don't build them like they used to. . . Interchangeable Parts. Continuous Flow. Division of Labor. Elimination of Wasted Motion. And What About Automation? Production Terminology Update. Checkerboard Puzzles, Inc. Needs Your Help! 18 MARKETING: Going out for business. . . Analysis. Advertising. Sales. Servicing. Checkerboard Puzzles, Inc. Needs Your Help! INDEX



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